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New Car? No Worries

Many people believe they must go back to the car manufacturer’s service centre for log book servicing to maintain the warranty. Actually, you are free to have your log book service carried out by any reputable and professionally registered service centre of your choice. Bizzell’s Garage is a Repco Authorised Service centre and we will be able to knowledgeably service your car with quality parts and protect your new car warranty. Plus all of our work is backed by a nationwide warranty.

  • Replace the engine oil
  • Check/Replace the fuel filter
  • Check/Replace windshield wipers
  • Replace air filter
  • Flush transmission fluid
  • Clean or replace battery
  • Inspect or replace brake pads
  • Inspect or replace timing belt

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Log Book Service

Maintain your log book service schedule and ensure you have a healthy car. A log book service is a broad service guided by the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Completing these services helps to preserve your vehicle’s statutory warranty and keep your car in top shape. A log book contains all the information for your vehicle’s service requirements for the first 200,000km. It guides your mechanic on exactly what needs attention at that specific service interval. It is strongly recommended that a car owner also familiarise themselves with their log book, for a better understanding of the car’s servicing requirements. Choose Repco Authorised Service for your log book service needs, we will look after you and your car. We have Auto-tech training, which ensures continual education and training, keeping technicians up to date with modern vehicle technologies. We use Repco branded products, which are subject to Repco’s stringent manufacturing quality standards to make sure only the best parts are fitted to your car. As Australia’s largest service network we are able to offer a nationwide warranty on every service we perform. No matter where you are in Australia, we have you covered.

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We can do as little or as much as you like when it comes to Servicing. You are also still covered under your cars warranty

When you regularly service you car, you ensure that your vehicle will continue to run well and not cost you unexpected expenses. At Bizzell’s Garage when we service your vehicle we ensure that you are informed about anything that we find and anything that needs attention. This means that you are always in control of what happens to your car and you know how much it is going to cost when you come to collect.

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Full Range Of Services

Wheel Works

If you are after the latest mag or rim we can track it down from one of our preferred suppliers. If you need your mags cleaned up from gutter

Air Conditioner

Summer is not a great time of the season if your AIR CON is not working. If you do have problems, we can certainly diagnose why and get it

Cooling System

We can handle any water issues you have, from Radiator replacement to water pump/ thermostat etc. We have you covered

Engine Works

When you see this symbol on your dash, its either saying your car electronic system has a malfunction and needs scanning to diagnose or your

Oil & Filters

The Oil and Filter is the basis of every service and recommended to do every 6 months or 10,000km. Along with changing the oil and filter

Brake Repairs

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Belts & Hoses

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