Power storage is an increasingly important part of working and living in the modern world. Businesses and individuals want to find ways to access power that are environmentally efficient, fit-for-purpose and also reduce reliance on traditional power generation.

In many cases this is as simple as having access to the most advanced battery technology for uses ranging from vehicles and mobile equipment through to renewables and back-up power.

However, increasingly power storage is about developing and installing the systems that allow the generation, storage and then gradual release of power from renewable sources like solar and wind.

The Enirgi Way is to understand and examine all of our customer’s evolving power storage needs now and into the future. This ensures that we can provide the best possible advice and service for the batteries they require; the systems they may need to develop; and the handling and management of large or small volumes of batteries.

Our role does not end at power storage advice and sales, as we operate Australia’s largest used battery collection and recycling business.

The Enirgi Way is to work closely with our customers on battery management and logistics with advice and assistance that starts at the point of sale and ends with the collection of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) and Used Non Lead Acid Batteries (UNLAB) and transporting them to our recycling facilities to be broken into their component parts for re-use.

Our goal is to help our customers not only secure their power storage needs but satisfy their environmental commitments or aspirations by ensuring their businesses or homes improve their sustainability through the recycling of batteries.