KUMHO tyres have put a lot of time and effort into developing and ever up dating the range from small passenger to the large SUV tyres.

Hyundai and Jeep are just two companies rolling out of the factory with original fitment KUMHO tyres.

Customers are starting to come on board fitting KUMHO tyres with great results.

Bizzells garage now qualifying for the platinum dealer sight the only one in Brisbane we can now pass on the great price beet guaranty  to u the consumer with no complaints and only 2 warranty claims as valued customer can now enjoy the safety and reliability, development and improvements at a reasonable price winning awards in the four wheel drive class  for there much loved mud tire the MT51 out performed and out smarted the other respected tyre companies  with its super quiet development i am one happy user of the MT51 and after much loved use the tyre has now been discontinued cant wait to see what is next

made and developed in Korea new supplies shipped every day to keep up with demand ordered fresh from out distribution  centre in Brisbane with daily delivery, ordered before 10am cut off or next day delivery.

Bizzells garage is happy to still be doing business with our Korean partner